Bumblebee Rearing and Pollination Consultancy

Adviesbureau m.b.t. het Kweken van Hommels en het Gebruik van Hommels als Bestuivers


Dr. Adriaan van Doorn

I am a specialist regarding the mass-rearing of bumblebees, as well as their application as pollinators of horticultural crops. My knowledge is based upon some 25 years of scientific research together with a period of working for a commercial company.

I studied biology at Utrecht University, The Netherlands, and carried out PhD-research on bumblebees at the University of Würzburg, Germany. Thereafter, I started working for a commercial company, Koppert Biological Systems, in The Netherlands. There, I set up a rearing facility for bumblebees and improved the technology for the mass-rearing. Subsequently, rearing units were also established in other countries, all over the world.
During my time with the commercial company, I mainly performed applied research. Furthermore, I was responsible for the training of the employees working in the rearing departments, both in The Netherlands and abroad, and carried out quality control on the bumblebee rearing units and the produced colonies at all locations. Moreover, I trained and informed company representatives, distributors and growers in using bumblebees as pollinators in vegetable, fruit and seed crops and dealt with customer complaints.

I gained a large amount of international experience, not only as a result of the above mentioned activities, but also as a result of attending over 40 congresses/symposia, at a quarter of which I also lectured. I speak English, German and Spanish and have passive knowledge of French.

In January 2006 I started my own consultancy company, BumbleConsult, and now I offer support regarding the mass-rearing of bumblebees (rearing techniques, equipment, housing, food, parasites and diseases) as well as regarding the application of bumblebees as crop pollinators. More specifically, I offer to do scans, to give advices, to perform research and to supply documentation. If you are interested, you can either phone me (++ 31 294 252504) or send me an e-mail (info@bumbleconsult.nl).

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